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Poplar Tree Removal in Walthamstow

A large Poplar tree had to be brought down because previous owners had a fire right at the base of the tree and badly damaged it. After some while the damage only got worse and eventually being threat to residents and property, it had to come down.It took 4 days to dismantle the tree. Being up the top of the tree was indeed uneasy and scary as it only had 2/3 of the trunk at t he base to rely for support on.


The tree was just about to go in leaf right in time for stormy spring weather when the whole canopy acts as a sail and puts most strain on to the base of the tree. As the client came to use with little time to spare and weather being not favorable, the job dragged on for two weeks but was finished safely without any damages even to the shed

Great what Tree work solutions guys did for us. We were worried about the stability of the tree as it had too much movement. Friendly tree surgeons and ground guys did a wonderful job.

Patrick Michaels, Client


As the tree was removed the shabby old shed could be rebuilt and another smaller tree was later planted as a replacement.