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Tree of Heaven Removal, N10

The tree of Heaven in close proximity to the house had to be removed as it started causing subsidence and damages once became apparent quickly got worse. It was a poor choice made by a previous owner of the property who did not plan ahead considering trees real potential


The tree was in close proximity of the house and some large branches overhang the balcony of the house.Most of the house side had to be dismantled using lowering techniques with ropes. Stump was ground out to enable resident to plant a replacement more appropriate tree

I was such a nice tree until it started causing damages to the property. Shame to lose it but it will be replaced. Thanks Tree work solutions for all their hard work

Oliver Kenzen , Highgate, N6, North London


Our tree surgeons removed the tree that was damaging the property. It was safely dismantled and removed with the stump.