Removal of trees

Eucalyptus & Willow Removal in London, EN2

A line of trees was original planted about 15-17 years prior to form a screen from the neighboring building. Unfortunately they were of wrong (thirsty) species and were put too close to the property until one day cause minor crack that instantly turned into a case of serious subsidence and as a result trees had to be removed to eliminate any other worsening of the condition and structural integrity of the building


As far as removing the trees, there was nothing particular to be cautious.and all tree surgery operation when smooth .

Lovely trees and shame to lose them but it was an oversight of house’s previous owners and only hope to have something more appropriate to occupy that part of the garden. Tree surgeons were friendly and did a great job.

Helen, Hightgate, N6, North London


When considering what species to plat especially in close proximity to houses, real labels and make sure trees are not too large for the location and space available.