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Once the tree has been removed, you are left with a stump. Removal of a stump is largely predetermined by the practical usage of the space. If you want to build, plant or hard surface where the tree once was you need to remove the stump. Removal of the stump can be done manually where machinery is not accessible or with the use of stump grinders. Grinders usually chew out the core of the tree’s stump and surrounding sections of the root system.

Every stump and situation are different but there is always a way to remove a stump no matter how difficult or challenging it may appear. Tree Work Solutions can perfectly perform stump removal services. We have experts in removing stumps manually, as well as with stump grinders. Request a call back, contact us or book for a site visit with us , if you have a green environment that needs taken care of.

Stump grinding

Stump removal / Before

Stump grinding
Stump Removal // After


Key Benefits of the Service

Removal of stump is a necessary step to claiming back the land for practical use

  Removes an obstacle that can be hazardous
  Frees up land and makes it ready for planting
  Makes it possible to use land for construction
  This service will save you backbreaking chore
  Performed by machine operating professionals