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Tree removal services are usually required when trees are dying, dead, being structurally compromised by diseases, fungi, rot, infestations or simply if tree's structural integrity was compromised in a storm or it was planted in a wrong place without taking into consideration a future potential of the tree. Other times trees can be a nuisance, causing extensive shading or drain too much water from the soil. If a tree needs to be removed, a professional tree removal expert is needed to safely remove the tree.

The best examples are Eucalyptus trees (nice and cute when small but in a favourable British climate, they grow extremely fast to become impressive in height and spread). The other popular example is Leylandii or Conifer Tree - a popular choice for screening from neighbors. They quickly realise their potential and overtake large sections of gardens.

Trees are usually sectioned down to ground level in manageable pieces to be removed from site. Remaining stumps can also be removed.

When felling large trees, tree surgeons can sometimes usie safe roping techniques to control the fall of limbs and logs. Some bigger trees especially in very close proximity to a property will be a subject to staged removal. I.e. Stage 1 – removal of all branches and some reduction of the trunk. Stage 2 (usually within 6-12 months from stage 1) -take down of the remainder. It is done in stages to allow ground and structures surrounding the tree to readjust to the change of moisture distribution in the soil.

If you are looking for professional advice, a tree report, a tree work application from local authorities, we can assist you.

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Tree removal
Tree surgeon felling a dangerous tree / before
Tree removal
Tree surgeon felling a dangerous tree /after


Key Benefits of the Service

Removes the element of danger if the tree is compromised, allows productive reuse of space if the tree is unsuitable for the location

  Dangerous trees have to be removed for safety of life and property
  Land gets cleared for productive use
  Construction and development preparation works can take place
  All-round certified and insured tree surgeons
  Recycling of all produced waste whenever possible

All relevant basic NPTC certification and all other task specific qualifications!
Our tree surgeons are experts with many years of valuable experience in the field!
We provide friendly and professional service with customer focused approach!
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