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In urban environment it is important to maintain trees and retain them in a manageable and safe state. The canopy is reduced symmetrically to complement any tree’s structural unique composition and natural balance of itself in relation to other surrounding trees. Pruning of fruit trees is done to promote a better and healthier fruiting in the season and most time is best done in autumn/winter time whilst the tree hibernates with some exception like plumb family that should be pruned in summer when certain fungi is not active.

Reducing tree’s canopy is very important and requires certain skills as there is a fine line between being practical and good practice. Reducing too much can lead to damaging trees and also incorrect pruning techniques can harm trees. Usually damages once inflicted become long term problems and can compromise trees structural integrity. When pruning a tree it is vital to plan individual approach and technique to successfully reduce the crown but still give the tree direction for recovery as often shocked with cutting they will respond by producing erratic numerous shoots in an attempt to recover..Development of multiple stems and leaders that are more prone to failure as they grow at same rate as terminal leader, which leads to weak attachments and death in later life. Pruning trees when they are young and growing fast is very important for their strong framework in future development.

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Tree crown cutting
Tree pruning by tree surgeons

Tree crown pruning
Tree pruning by tree surgeons


Key Benefits of the Service

Crown pruning, thinning, cutback will make your tree lighter, less bulky and overwhelming

  Reduce bulkiness of trees and excessive shadowing
  Allow more daylight and skyline to you property
  Allow more sunshine to other plants in your garden
  Reduce unwanted subsidence threat to your property
  The job will get done by qualified and safe tree surgeon

Our tree surgeons have all the required certification, covered by insurance and have many years of valuable experience in the field!
We will not shy away from small to very large, awkward and dangerous trees and have the experience and tools to deal with any circumstances!
Our tree surgeons provide complete and professional service all the way until we leave your property neat and tidy!
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